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Workplace Wellbeing

Increase employee wellbeing for a healthier more engaged workforce!

Promote health, reduce stress and improve contentment in your workplace.

Look after your employee’s health and wellbeing at work.

Prioritising employee wellbeing spotlights the importance of positive mental health and wellness for workers, and improves employees quality of life impacting their performance and the bottom line.

I offer a full range of mobile wellness services direct to employees across the West Midlands.

Employee Benefits

  • Prompts healthy habits at work
  • Positive behavioural change
  • Improved health and motivation
  • Proven increased positivity and mental wellbeing

Company Benefits

  • Reduce absenteeism and decrease business costs by offering an on-demand wellness solution
  • Boost overall company morale and wellness
  • Build a healthier, more engaged workforce
  • Offer a company perk that has a big impact on productivity, employee wellbeing and engagement

Wellness Massage Therapy in the workplace-min

Join more than 150 other local companies who have chosen Fit & Running as their wellbeing provider of choice, including:

Birmingham Council Wellness Solutons

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Workplace wellfare

Corporate wellbeing support massages

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Expert On-Site Office Services

Worplace desk massage

Desk Massage

Focussed on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands. Ideal for a very busy working environment where there are no breaks or space for equipment, like call centres.

Treatment length 10 & 15 Minutes.

Wellness Workplace head massage

Indian Head massage

Combining stokes on shoulders and scalp and pressure points on the face. Calming but reinvigorating for the nervous system, leaving energised and better able to focus.

Treatment length 10 – 20 Minutes.

Wellness in the workplace

Seated Acupressure

Seated acupressure massage is based on the traditional Japanese acupressure technique called anma and is exceptionally effective and relaxing. The muscles are pressed into and the surrounding area is massaged, and it stimulates the acupressure points across the body. An extremely rejuvinating treatment.

Treatment length 15-20 Minutes

Workplace wellfare couch massage

Holistic Couch Massage

The type of massage performed on the couch is Swedish massage – a gentle type of full-body massage that can be performed clothed or partially unclothed if you have the space in the office for a break-away wellness area. This is also an ideal treatment to provide at all wellbeing days and weeks. If you have a spa or gym at work with treatment rooms, I can provide couch massage into your office breakaway areas for as many days as you need.

Treatment length 30 – 60 Minutes.

Reflexology/Foot Massage

An ancient practice that uses massage and pressure points on the feet to promote general healing. Relaxing, therapeutic and highly enjoyable.

Treatment length 30 Minutes.

Stretching Workshops

These stretching workshops are for single clients or groups, depending on the size of the room being used. It is a great way to educate employees on how to look after their neck, shoulders, back and legs while sitting at their desk or walking around all day.

Workshop Length 30 – 60 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

I work a 6-hour day. With 15 minute slots for treatments. In theory, I’ll be able to do 24 treatments in a day, with 20-minute slots I can do 18. A desk Massage is 10 minutes long so I can do up to 36 treatments in a day.

I’ll take a 30 minute break every 2 hours, to charge my batteries.

Yes, I will bring all the necessary equipment to your workplace. For onsite couch massage, I will bring a special massage bed, plus wipes, hand sanitiser, medical forms and some chilled music to play. For Desk massage, no chair is required.

For couch massage the space requested is minimal, all you need is a small size meeting room or an open area of about 3×3 m for me to move around while massaging.

Just get in touch via my booking form and I will be at your location on your preferred date. You’ll just need to organise a space, and come and meet me when I arrive on the day with a list of employees being treated on the day. Easy peasy.

I will arrive at your workplace about 20 minutes before the agreed start time to setup. Before the treatment I will ask each client to fill a short medical consultation form to check contraindications and I will discuss the individual needs of each client.

Absolutely. No massage therapist can operate in the UK without qualifications and insurance. I am an expert in my field, a member of various Professional Bodies, with training in multiple techniques and years (and years) of experience. I make sure all my certificates, insurance and skills are up to date and make the experience professional and personable.

I am based in Birmingham, but have clients throughout the West Midlands.

There are no additional costs, unless you’re based outside the Birmingham area (we can have a chat about the travel costs before booking). Where possible a parking space would be appreciated for the ease of transportation of equipment from the car to the workplace.

Yes, despite its numerous benefits there are occasionally conditions for which a massage is not recommended. I have undergone thorough training on contraindications as part of my qualifications. After discussing a consultation form and medical history with each client, I will assess the situation and occasionally, I’ll decide that it is not in the interest of client to proceed in order to avoid worsening their condition.