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A Birmingham based massage therapist you can trust

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  • Full range of clinical and holistic therapies
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  • Mobile services offered in Birmingham and surrounding areas
  • Worldwide experience
  • Nutritional advice also available
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Anthony Casserly
Owner of Fit and Running

Every patient needs professional specialised treatments and goals tailored to their specific needs.

“If you put your trust in me, I will always strive to give 100% and more to treat the issue at hand, making you pain and stress-free, so when you leave my treatment table, I know and you know that everything is much better”.

About Fit and Running

I first thought about doing massage and sports therapy while at an Irish dance competition. Having personally achieved many titles, including, World, All-Ireland, Great Britain, British National and Midlands, competing against the best dancers worldwide, I saw a different side to the sport. I sat there watching these athlete’s injuring themselves, being in pain and no one being there to provide any assistance, that saddened me, so I took it upon myself to start learning so I could help people that are in pain and discomfort, from an athlete’s injury to office-related stress and tension.

I began my studies in Sports Therapy in 2004 and discovered a new area to massage and sport, through injury and treatment. I learned a vast range of techniques and treatments for injury and relaxation, gaining Swedish Massage (VTCT Level 3), Anatomy and Physiology (VTCT Diploma), Sports Therapy (VTCT Diploma) and Treatment and Management of Injuries in Football (F.A. Level 2 & 3). During this time, I gained much-needed experience, working alongside athletes from a range of sports like Solihull Borough Football Club, Walsall Football Club, Broad Street Rugby Football Club and the Ju-Jitsu National Championships. I found that getting ‘hands-on’ was the most valuable learning curve of my career, seeing how the body works in conjunction with an injury being present.

Following my Diploma, I then carried on to study further, gaining a Sports Therapy FdSc and BSc Honour Degrees.

During my work experience, I did many hours at the Coventry Osteopathic & Sports Injury clinic, that work placement was the foundation to everything I know today and how to apply any technique to any injury. I also volunteered to do the London Marathon which was an amazing atmosphere and experience. At the start of 2013, I decided to travel Australia, this experience opened my eyes whole lot more about the world itself, it made me more open and I gained lots of friends (and family) in doing so. At the time, I didn’t realise that this trip would last me for 2 years.

I sought out a variety of opportunities to broaden my skills and experience to gain money to travel, one was completing a three-month contract as a farmhand on a Beef Cattle Farm. Whilst the day to day jobs were very different, it had many similarities. I was able to adapt and grow within each role because of my enthusiasm for new challenges, working long hours from horse foaling to feeding cattle, from fence building to managing overgrown fields on a tractor (which I broke many times 🙂 However I still kept my ‘hands-on’ therapy going, working for Max Therapy (Melbourne), Bondi Junction Health care (Sydney), The Australian Open Tennis (Melbourne), CM Dance and the Watkins Irish dance academy (Brisbane). I also competed as a dancer for the Watkins academy, gaining 1st at the Australian International Championships, 2nd at the State Championships and 4th at the Australian National’s, with many team awards.

Since then I worked for a Spa in Birmingham city centre, gaining lots of experience within the industry. Having gained regular clients coming in with pains and aches in their back, neck and shoulders, headaches that go on for days, sports injuries and for relaxation. “I remember a client coming in with pain in the shoulder and he just couldn’t move it, so I assessed the affected area, diagnosed what the problem was and got on with the job at hand. After a 20-minute treatment, I got his shoulder free again, he had a whole range of movement back, was in a lot less pain and he felt like a new man. This is why I do massage and sports therapy, to make sure that the clients are stress and pain-free, having a better life.”

I am back in Birmingham providing professional mobile massage and injury rehabilitation. I always continually work to develop my professional, practical and knowledge-based skills, through study, to provide a more modern-based delivery of treatments to every patient. I am fully insured and DBS checked.